Stubborn Puppy: 12 Tricks that will help you to deal with naughty

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If you have a stubborn puppy, then you know how hard it can be to deal with him on a daily basis. They just go ahead and interrupt you all the time, don’t respect your privacy and so on. You need to do something about that, and the best thing you can do is to learn a few helpful tricks. We created a list that includes 12 helpful tricks to help you deal with your naughty puppy fast and easy.

Use the circle method

This method is very useful because it allows you to establish who is the boss in your relationship. Make sure that you focus on using this approach whenever you can. It comes in handy, and it also shows your dog who is in charge! Reward your puppy when he stays near you and maintains a sense of consistency for the best results.

Repeat training exercises often

It’s important to establish a sense of authority, and you need to show your puppy that he has some responsibilities as well. Repeat the training exercises and commands, and you will see that your puppy will start behaving correctly. After all, consistency is key in this situation!

Control the environment

Put all the toys and distractions away. You need to focus on your dog’s training, otherwise, the entire process will not work, and you want to avoid all of that.

Go slowly

Don’t rush your puppy to do something he doesn’t like! Continual training can help you deal with these situations, but rushing won’t do anything good.

Use the proper rewards

Try out multiple treats and see which one is enjoyed the most by your puppy. Appropriate rewards can bring in front the incentive that your puppy needs to behave as he should.

Don’t punish your dog

The last thing you want to do is to punish a dog. Let’s face it; punishment will just make a puppy misbehave even more. So, stay away from that!

Limit his access within your home

This will show that you are indeed in control. It allows your puppy to understand that there are some limits and you can remove them if he behaves in a proper manner.

Walk with your puppy

Sometimes, you will have a stubborn dog because he just needs a lot of attention and he doesn’t get it. This is why it can be a good idea to nurture your dog and show that you care about him. Things like this matter a lot and can bring in front a magnificent value.

Always start with the easy commands

Dogs will misbehave if you start training them with complex commands. Instead, try to make the training process natural and less obtrusive.

Purchase a doggy bell

A lot of people managed to deal with their stubborn dog simply by buying a doggy bell. It turns out that this can be an excellent investment in regards to properly training your dog.

Use a deluxe pee pad

Positive reinforcement is necessary, and a dedicated deluxe pee pad will show your puppy that you care about him a lot. Obviously, this means that there won’t be too many misbehavior situations!

Teach your puppy to sit while greeting people

This is a sign of respect towards others, and it will help you prevent any stubbornness. However, try to make sure that kids don’t jump on your dog, as he can quickly start misbehaving.

As you can see, there are lots of methods you can use when it comes to dealing with a stubborn puppy. You just need to find the right ones that suit your dog and apply them as fast as you can. With the right approach, you will be able to remove any sign of stubbornness from your puppy in the long run!

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