Top 3 Shih Tzu Housebreaking Problems

 Shih Tzu is overall clean breed. However, the house potty training process sometimes cannot be rushed. It is the best to train the shih tzu properly at the very beginning than to retrain the dog.

If after the training your shih tzu continues to do their business in the wrong places the most probable reason that some people overlook is boredom. When bored shih tzu drink large amounts of water. Therefore must go pee more frequently than you can even imagine. If you notice that your dog drinks more than usual ensure that you take him to the potty area more often. Also, come up with the solution to eliminate boredom – think of more toys for your pet to play with.

Boredom is the key cause of many behavior problems for this breed, not only potty training issues. Chewing, for instance, can be also caused by it.

Other problems with potty training can happen when the pet wasn’t properly introduced to the crate. In some cases, dogs can feel about it as a punishment. In that situation your shih tzu may show signs of anxiety, they may whine and bark or chew things.  They need to feel safe in a crate and think of it as their special place, not a cage.

Health issues, psychological problems, and hormones can also cause troubles with house training your shih tzu. It the dog is old, for instance, his muscles are getting weak, so they might not hold on like they used to.

Illness can also be the cause of bad potty habits. If your pet is needing to do the potty more often than usual, maybe there’s a place for a urine infection, which has to be cured with antibiotics, to prevent the further development of the disease.

When a dog is anxious, stressed or nervous, then his training may also go wrong. Reasons behind the stress might be: lack of self-confidence, separation anxiety, need for more socialization or fear.

If your Shih Tzu is not successful enough with potty training because of the stress factors you can easily spot it as there should be other signs of that:  e.g.  barking is the sign of separation anxiety, growling – uncovers low-confidence. But since all dogs have their personality you need some time and experience if you want to learn how to spot it and know exactly what your dog feels.

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