German Shepherd Teething: How to Deal with It

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German Shepherd puppies are arguably the cutest little creatures on earth. When you are getting a young German Shepherd pup, you will have to care for it much like you would care for a human toddler. And in light of this comparison, one of the things which you will have to deal with is your German Shepherd teething. Your German Shepherd puppy will start to lose its milk teeth in order to make room for the 42 adult teeth coming in. This will be an uncomfortable and confusing time to the puppy so you need to ensure you make it as easy on the little pup as possible.

Here are certain things you can do to make this terrible time in your and your puppy’s life a little better:

Distract Your Puppy

When your puppy seems particularly uncomfortable and annoyed with the pain from his teething, get some toys to distract the little pooch. Make sure you get his or her favorite toys so they are sufficiently distracted. You could take the puppy for a walk as well or play fetch with them. This may help distract the puppy from the pain from their teething.

Do Not Send Mixed Signals

If you give your puppy old shoes to chew on to alleviate or better the pain from their teething, chances are they might, later on, chew on your new shoes because they do not know the difference. If your puppy thing chewing on shoes is okay since you gave them a pair for this purpose, they may think this applies to all shoes. Make sure you give them teething toys made especially for German Shepherd teething problems.

Put Your Puppy in a Confined Space

If you are going for a shower or about to take a nap but are hesitant to leave your teething puppy alone get a crate or a playpen to lock your puppy in. Make sure the place is spacious and has food and water for the little one.  This way you can take your eyes off the puppy for a while knowing they will not get into any trouble while you are away.

Freeze Some Treats

Having a nice cool little treat to chew on is a great way to alleviate some of the German Shepherd teething pain. You can freeze some carrots or strawberries or any other fruit or vegetable that your puppy enjoys. This way when the pain gets very bad, you can toss them a few of these treats which will not only act as a snack but also help reduce their pain so they can feel better.

Keep Valuables Out of Reach

When a German Shepherd puppy is teething, anything and everything is fair game for its teething needs. It will chew everything it comes across and since it is an animal, it doesn’t know any better. This is why you should keep your valuables which you do not want the puppy to get its paws on well away from it!