What Are the Easiest Dogs to Housebreak?

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There are dozens of dog breeds out there and some of them are easier to train than others. A puppy does not have complete control over its bladder before 12 weeks hence their training has to start after this time period. The training may take up to 5 months. It depends on how easy your dog is to train.

There are certain breeds which are considered as the easiest dogs to housebreak, let us take a look at some of these:

Shiba Inu

Not only are Shiba Inu’s incredibly cute, but they are considered as one of the easiest dogs to housebreak. Since they have an inherent quality of cleanliness, Shiba Inus are easy to train and within a few days can be trained to go outside to do their business! However, their thick fur coat tends to shed a lot thus they have to be brushed regularly. And sometimes it may take a while to train them in obedience. But rest assured, housetraining a Shiba Inu is a piece of cake since the dog itself is very cooperative.


While Maltese are comparatively smaller than other dogs, weighing on average about 2 to 4 kilos, they have great bladder control. When looking at their size, you would assume they have a small bladder however, they have exceptional bladder control; maybe even one of the best bladder control in all breeds of dogs. Other than that, they do not shed as much even though they have a naturally shaggy coat of hair. Most owners of Maltese prefer to have their dog’s hair cropped short so the maintenance is minimized. Not only are they easy to housetrain but these dogs are also considered to be naturally clean and friendly.

Miniature Schnauzer

Even though they are called Miniature Schnauzer, they are bigger than Maltese dogs, weighing in on average around 4 to 8 kilos. The Miniature Schnauzer are very easy to housetrain hence being included in the list of easiest dogs to housetrain. They have wiry fur which has to be maintained regularly otherwise it may become matted which is a painful experience for both the dog and owner. While the Miniature Schnauzer might even be trained after it leaves the breeder’s house, if you change the method of its training from grass to pads, it might take the dog back to step one. Other than that, they are also incredibly receptive to obedience training and are friendly with everyone; from children to the elderly.

Shih Tzu

Another breed among the smartest small dogs and  Easiest Dogs to Housebreak is Shiz Tzu. On average, a Shih Tzu weighs in around 6 to 7 kilos. They have a long coat which is prone to shedding hence most owners get their coat cropped very neatly so that constant grooming is not required; this is known as the ‘Puppy Cut’. The Shih Tzu is incredibly friendly and affectionate. They are easy to train but require a lot of care as they are prone to falling ill due to breathing problems and other issues.