The Smartest Small Dog Ratings: Top 5

When it comes to small dogs than people prefer the smartest small dogs. It is fun to pass time with intelligent dogs. Every moment, they have got something new to amaze their owners. Apart from performing different tricks, smart dogs act as the best gaming partner of the kids as well. Another good aspect of intelligent dogs is that they are easy to train. They don’t take too much time in learning, whatever their owners want to teach them.

Further, smartest dogs act as an alarm for their owners in a difficult situation. Few breeds have an ability to sense the danger and informing their friends. The Internet is rich in stories of heroic dogs who served as an assistant for their owners in the time of crises.

Evaluating any dog breed merely on the basis of looks is not at all possible.

So, here are five of the smartest small dogs:

#1 Small breeds of poodle

Everyone is familiar with this breed of dogs. The type is already popular. No wonders why it has made to the top of the smartest small dogs. The poodle has served as the best choice both as a hunter as well as a companion. The most famous of these types is the standard poodle. But standard poodle is a large breed. It may give a look of hunter dog and may not seem appropriate for playing in the gardens. Other kinds like a miniature poodle and the toy poodle make up for excellent companions. As the name indicates, both these types are best for playing with your kids.

The most favorable feature of the poodle is that this breed is so easy to train. The dogs love to enjoy the company of a man. They are a little bit attention seekers as well. Pay them attention, love them train them and offer them different tricks to do. Be careful in one thing. Poodle also loves to dominate. So, keep your interactions in a way that poodle doesn’t overcome you. In order to get best out of this creature, it is necessary to keep it your subordinate.

#2 Shetland Sheepdog is one of the smartest small dogs

Shetland sheepdog has got a solid reason for making to this list. Its intelligence is evident from the fact that it serves the man as a herding dog as well. So danger sensing abilities of this breed are very much developed. There is no doubt that herding dogs have tough duties to perform. They necessarily need to have high caliber and ability to learn everything their master teaches them. If you are looking a dog that can learn complex things, then Shetland sheepdog is indeed the best choice.

The task of a Shetland sheepdog is not limited to performing tough duties. There are very miniature breeds that also know how to have fun. If your kids need an ultra-smart dog which is ready to have a party, the sheepdog is the best choice. Same like a poodle, this creature also asks for love and affection for its training.  Refrain from scolding your pet and train them according to their nature and interests.

#3 The smart and cute – Papillon

One of the smartest small dogs is the Papillon. The dog is not only small but much adorable. The credit goes to its butterfly shaped ears. There are very interesting facts when it comes to the size of Papillon. The breed merely reaches beyond the 10 pounds weight goal. Don’t think that small weight puts limitations before this creature. Papillon is one of the most extrovert dog creatures. It loves to go out, perform tasks and indulge in different activities.

Despite small size, Papillon is able of getting involved in different sports. It is intelligence level is also much high. If you train your dog on the basis of reward lure then you can do this with Papillon.

#4 An all in one – Pembroke Welsh Corgi

As the name indicates, Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a multitasker. The breed is categorized as a dwarf herding dog. Initially, it was popular for driving the camels. But it is quite capable of performing other tasks like taking part in various sports. Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a very smart creature. The dog is intelligent beyond a level and can easily learn anything talks. You can say that making this breed a subordinate in not a challenge. You are lucky enough to have one of the smartest small dogs that don’t offer too many troubles.

#5 A Yorkshire terrier

It is unlikely for any terrier to not register its name in the list of the smartest small dogs. Yorkshire terrier is much known because of its charming personality. Such dogs are capable of getting involved in small activities and different sports. But if you know any of the dog’s beauty pageant being held in your city, then do give your terrier a chance; he deserves to go there due to his stunning personality.

It would be so smart of you to pet the smartest dog. There wouldn’t be any better companion than them.

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