7 Best German Shepherd Tricks to Teach Your Pet

No matter how old or young, every human yearns to have a pet at some point or another. As a toddler, parents always pointed out to dogs and portrayed them to be fascinating creatures- someone with an extra pair of legs when compared to you and Oh, ya “A tail”. And if you were a brave baby, you probably have an adorable picture or video of you cuddling with a dog that would literally “aww” people. Be it dogs or babies, once you own one, you can feel your entire world revolving around them. Like babies are taught the way of life, and nurtured to become a strong and well-mannered human being, your German shepherd can be trained too. In fact, you get to skip the walking part because your puppy comes pre-loaded with that quality, but you still want to make it run, skip and perform a ballet duet with you.

Training your dog may not be as easy as teaching a baby how to sit, but you don’t give up on your baby, do you? Patience, personal interest, consistency and a whole lot of dog treats will surely get you there.

So here are seven interesting German shepherd tricks that will make your German shepherd a graduate!

#1 Choose the correct one:

A trick wherein you teach your dog how to pick out his favourite toy placed in a random bunch of objects. All you need to do is place a familiar item between some uninteresting ones, point at it and ask your dog to get it to you and obviously treat him if he does it right. Once you start playing this game with your Shepherd on a regular basis and he gets used to it, you’ll have a lot of assistance on days when you are lazy to step down from the bed.

#2 Play Dead:

All you’ll need for this trick is a lot of patience and a single ‘click’ with your fingers. First up, you need to teach your dog the ‘down’ command, where you teach him how to ‘sit down’ folding all four legs. Once that is taught the next part is to make him familiar to your ‘click’ such that he knows that this action of yours means he has to lie down completely acting like he’s dead. Just make sure you don’t go too far or your Shephard might just scare you by playing dead so accurately.

#3 Hug:

While you can just steal a comfortable hug from your dog at any point in time, this trick will just help you add a bit of magic by actually teaching your Shephard to hug you back. All you’ve got to do is tell your dog how to wrap both his arms around you and award him with a treat once he learns. The treats will no longer be required once your Shephard knows how that ‘hug’ can act like a stress-buster after a tiring day.

#4 Spin:

Hold an irresistible treat near your dog nose and pull it around your dog in the direction that you want him to spin. Once mastered, your Shepherd is one step closer to being your perfect ballet-duet partner.

#5 Shake hands:

Remember how as a kid you were forced to shake hands with any person that walks into your house? It may seem like a duty when you do it, but your dog shaking hands is purely adorable. Once your Shepherd knows how to sit on his hind-legs, the next thing you need to do is hold your palm out and beckon it to place one of his paws in it. All your guests will surely have an “aww” moment and your dog will make new friends every day.

#6 Sit Pretty:

If you’re obsessed with your Shepherd and have a weak heart to watch your dog ‘beg’ then this is something you should avoid. But for the sake of those perfect Instagram pictures, you can give it a try. All you need to do is hold a treat above his nose and raise it till he sits on his hind haunches. You may end up giving too many treats for this one.

#7 Roll-over German shepherd trick:

For this one to be smoothly executed you first have to help your dog roll-over by holding his legs and belly. After a few days of regular practice, your Shepherd will be able to roll-over on his own. If you have a treat ready, of course.

With all these German shepherd tricks, you don’t just own a dog, but you’ve found a best friend who would hug you and cuddle with you on gloomy days, knows his place in a cozy bed, help you fetch things when you’re too lazy and obviously let you shed a tear of joy by showing off his roll-over skills to your guests. Happy Training!