Can Dogs Eat Banana Chips?

We recognize that fruits are a powerful and enjoyable way to boost our immune system and replenish electrolytes. So there’s no need to be scared to share fruits with your dog because the pet can surely benefit from all additional vitamins and minerals.

Fresh bananas can do some good for dogs since they have an amazing quantity of potassium, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These vital fatty acids are important for good health, silky coat and also useful in coping with canine allergy and heart illness. But are these fantastic benefits still in place when fruit turned into chips?

So, can dogs have banana chips?

Yeah, they can. But not necessarily should. Banana chips are made from deep-frying unripe bananas. Beforehand, the fruit is coated in either sugar or honey. Both are not appropriate for canines in larger quantities. Even though both ingredients are not toxic for your pup, they can still have negative impacts on your dog’s health.

Are banana chips bad for dogs?

Bananas themselves are amazingly sugary. This is why many pet owners share this fruit only as a treat and not very frequently. Covering this fruit with sugar will make situations worse rapidly.

Dogs usually turn lethargic after eating lots of sugar. Their bodies respond to elevated sugar concentrations by getting insulin from the pancreas. This is why they also become sleepy after eating candy.

Fat is another troubling thing about deep-fried bananas. Two medium-sized raw bananas have only one gram of fat, while a tiny portion of banana chips have a whopping 14 grams of fat. If your dog already has issues with obesity and weight, offering him fatty food could only worsen his condition.

Apart from sugar, banana chips’ fiber content could also trigger stomach distress in dogs. If your pet has gastrointestinal issues, it’s better to give him fresh fruit rather than chips.

Are banana chips good for dogs

Maybe. Banana chips are a great source of nutritional fiber,  vitamins B6 and C.

However, the health danger of sharing those with your puppy surpasses its nutritional benefits.

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Banana chips and dogs. Summary

Banana chips are not poisonous to dogs, but they are not appropriate treat either.  If you are still willing to feed your pet with banana chips stick with dehydrated or baked options. These can be purchased in health food shops. Dried or baked banana chips are healthier because they don’t have as much oil as deep-fried chips. For instance, in a whole serving of this dried unsweetened, preservative-free chips is only 8g of saturated fats. Or you can make those chips yourself.

But to be honest, it’s easier to stick to the raw fruit, instead. This is the safer choice not only for your pet but also for you.

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