Amazing Golden Retriever Training Tricks: Top 5 Best Rated by Experts

Teaching your golden retriever training tricks is stimulating. Your pet will enjoy it, but it could be a tough thing to accomplish. The whole experience would a nice bonding experience and only consists of benefits with no disadvantages. Use the proper techniques, devote enough time, and your golden retriever will be able to show new cool things to your friends.

A Dog Shaking Hands – One of the Simplest Golden Retriever Training Tricks

While this is one of the most common and basic tricks in the book, it’s also quite fun and entertaining for both your pet and your surroundings. It is quite easy to teach your golden retriever how to do it. Sit in front of your pet and ask him to shake hands. Meanwhile, you should reach behind one of its front paws and tickle his leg in the hollow part of the leg. This will trigger a reaction which will make your golden retriever lift his paw and seem as if he is shaking your hand. Give him a treat afterward. Repeat until the pet does the trick on verbal command.

Golden retriever training trick #2: Roll Over

It is indeed the most popular in-between all golden retriever training tricks. The fact it is, it is actually quite hard to teach it to a dog. Pick up a treat and circle it around the dogs head in the direction you want it to roll, meanwhile give him a verbal command. You might have to physically assist your dog at first but once he does it don’t forget to praise his accomplishment.

Golden retriever training trick #3: Wave Goodbye

Before you teach him how to say goodbye, you should teach him how to shake hands. Make the verbal command for your dog to shake hands, as he reaches for your hand touch his paw underneath and move it away in the direction of your choosing. He will continue to reach for your hand, this is where you connect the new verbal command. Be aware that you should lift his paw a bit higher than in the previous trick so it would give him space to look like he is waving.

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Golden retriever training trick #4: Patience

You have certainly seen a dog with a treat on his nose looking cute and sad at the same time but not reaching for the food nevertheless. In order to teach it to it, the dog needs to know how to sit. Once he sits hold his chin up and place a treat on his nose while telling him to stay. After a few seconds allowing him to eat the treat. Prolong the duration with each new practice, and your dog will stay like that indefinitely.

Golden retriever training trick #5: Hug

The sweetest in the list of golden retriever training tricks. It teaches your dog to put its paw behind your back as if a person is hugging you. You tell your dog to sit and lure him up with a treat. Award him the treat for as long as it is needed to hold that position for a few seconds. 

Once it is able to do that reach below its front paws and hug him. His paws will extend to behind your back. Be sure to reward him with a treat at the end. Yes. Again. And if you struggle with the choice – it most definitely should be something made of natural ingredients, low-cal, preferable safe for allergic and of course something, that your pup will love.  We suggest this jerky sticks from Rocco and Roxy. Even pups with history of treats allergies and indigestions will appreciate this. And as one pet owner admit: he’s seen his pet go wild for other treats but never like these.

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